With a possible change of circumstance in the wings, it’s never been more important to get everything sorted out: to disconnect (as much as possible) from this life here, and to free myself up so I can get up and go. Ideally I’d like to be gone by March; I don’t think that’s entirely impossible either. If I could get ready earlier, I would, but I don’t think Dee would come with me (and it’s not an adventure without her).

I best wrap up Switched Australia, the business that never really took off (certainly not how I’d hoped, but I don’t think I had the monetary resources to pull it off, so I don’t feel too bad). It certainly makes me more determined to get the next one off the ground and flying (at least for a while), and possibly in Scotland.

Talked more to Grant and Sheila today. Hey guys, if you’re reading this, remember: We’ll be staying at your place until we get ourselves set up. I like my coffee white with one.