We may have another buyer for the car! He looked today, and seems very interested, but first we need to get it checked out by his mechanic. We’ve agreed (informally) on a pretty good price for him, not as much as we were hoping for but it will nevertheless be good to get it over and done with. No more car!! But I won’t say any more. I wouldn’t want to “jinx” anything!
(I’m sure I can remember reading something about the superstitious nature of animals in my psychology text book. Something to do with birds that learnt that pecking, then turning around 360 degrees, then pressing a button made the chute drop food … so they did it whenever they were hungry, regardless of the fact that it seemed otherwise unrelated to the button.)
Dee also found her passports, filed away under “travel”.
These are very cool, and I can’t wait to get my own. Actually, I think the British passport is actually cooler than the Australian one, but only because the references to “Queen and country” somehow seem less out of place, and more patriotic.