I’m at the airport right now, waiting for Dee’s arrival from Brisbane (more on why she was in Brisbane later!). Why not wait until I get home and use the broadband connection?? Well, surely it’s obvious - this is so much more authentic.

I haven’t had a bad aeroplane/airport experience yet! I’ve welcomed new people (Dee’s family), I’ve sent the ol' mother-in-law (sort of) packing back to Darwin, and now I’m waiting for my to return. It’s great!! If I could just jump on a plane right now, I would. I’m just itching for the flight to China now - that’s where we’re starting. China, then (maybe) Nepal (let’s wait and see what security reports look like), Japan, a couple of other places and then another flight to Europe.

Actually, the last trip to the air-port wasn’t the best. (I told you I’d get on to why she was in Brisbane!) Unfortunately, Dee’s brother had a bit of a turn … which turned out to be a split aorta valve! I’m sure you can understand, that’s not a good thing. What was good, on the other hand, was the speed with which the family rallied and rushed too his side - Dee (and her Dad) from Melbourne, Kendall and her Mum from Darwin. Especially inspiring considering that the family relationships weren’t always entirely great.

He’s good now, replacement valve pumping away. Should even be home sometime this week. So Dee returns to me, and we go out.

Well, my time is running short on this thing, so I better post and run.

Catch ya.