It’s another grey and rainy monandaeg in Melbourne, Australia, which is perfect weather for writing in a blog or two). Unfortunately I had a big night on Saturday and I’m only just recovering (should’ve had an earlier night than I did last night, it seems).

Whenever I catch up with my friends these days, it is with the realisation that I’ve only got a limited amount of time before I leave the country. Now, I don’t mean that I feel sad that I won’t be able to hang around with my friends – quite a number of them are travelling themeselves, or preparing to – but rather it’s only when relaxing that I realise just how much there is to get done before the big day.

Our family is spread out across Australia: to visit them, we need to visit almost all of the capital cities in each state. And we will need to visit them before we go! For longer than just a cup of coffee and a biscuit! Then there are the things that I want to do, the experiences that I want to have that are either distinctly Australian, or most suited to be done here (skydiving, scuba diving, rally driving, camping out in the bush, surfing and snowboarding … to name a few!). Am I going to have the time (and financial backing) to be able to get to all these things?

I figure that once we get “on the road” there is going to be so many other things to see and do, and we might forget or miss out on things. I mean, of course we will!! We should be paying attention to what we’re doing, not wondering where to go for a surf or a helicopter ride!

Anyway, it just means that I’m planning all these things, figuring out how to fit them in and afford them, and which I really want to do. Which is in itself actually kind of fun!