It’s another grey and rainy monandaeg in Melbourne, Australia, which is perfect weather for writing in a blog or two. Unfortunately, I’m at work, so my writings today are on borrowed time (whilst compiling, for example, or sitting in another boring meeting).

I’ve been thinking for a little while about what I actually believe in – philosophically, theosophically and spiritually I guess. What I see as core truth in all spiritual teaching. It’s hardly surprising that there really isn’t all that much:

  1. There is an unknowable first cause, called the Father or Monad or Tai-ji. The first cause is not sentient in anyway that we can relate to. It is the process, the evolution, the unfolding.
  2. From the first cause, there is an Omega consciousness. The Omega is self-aware and omnipresent but not omnipotent. It is what is usually meant by “God” (in the Western Christianity at least, which is what I have the most experience with). Everything is part of the Omega, and the Omega is part of everything.
  3. There is an invisible reality that we call the “metaphysical”. The metaphysical and the physical are closely related and affect each other all the time. Our minds are part of the Omega consciousness and exist in the metaphysical.
  4. Reincarnation happens. A lot. It is an important part of the evolution of reality, a natural part of the first cause unfolding.

That’s about it. Not much as I said, but that’s about all I can say that I believe in. So far, everything I have read has been moving in that particular direction, and so now I’m just trying to extrapolate, or discover the “rules of reality” as it were. Or “how to practise”. Or even just how to live.