It’s Sunday night and I’m watching the Big Brother eviction – pathetic, yes? I’m not sure how it is in other countries, but in Australia the magic of “Reality TV” has well and truly worn off. We’ve seen about 5 series of Big Brother, Australian Idol, Popstars (the Australian Idol copycat – or is it the other way around?), not to mention at least 3 different “home renovation” shows (like “The Block”).

Frankly, Australia is over it. There’s a morning show here, quite popular I think, that tried a Reality TV-like segment … it lasted a day before a negative audience response told them that it wasn’t the right thing to do. A day! If I could watch just one “summary” episode of Big Brother and be done with it, I would.

Same goes for the Simpsons, actually. I’d almost rather watch old Seinfeld reruns (for about the 15th time) than another episode of the Simpsons. That said, it’s STILL the best thing on Melbourne television. It’s just not fair.