I’m in IT — in fact, I’m a computer programming (of all things).

Today I got to work after a glorious long weekend (spent camping on the coast: drinking, reading, smoking, eating, talking and playing cards … in short, bliss) to find that not only did nothing work, everyone thought it was my fault.

Okay, I’m dramatising. In actual fact it was one of my team members insinuating that I had “dropped the ball” on this one. First, I turned up at 15 minutes after 9 (that’s late in her books, since she arrives at a ridiculous 7:30 am); then the bug I’ve been looking at for the last forever days isn’t fixed, and has been found by our client-tester (bad me). Don’t worry that it’s a known issue. Don’t worry that I stay until 5:30 (or 6 o’clock tonight) each night. sigh

Luckily, when we tried it in a different application server, the problem disappeared (as well it should — I can’t see anything that would cause the problem … of course, I don’t have the source code of a particular database server, so I can’t be sure grin).

In the end, moving to the new application server was the best for everyone. I got my bug solved, and some other bugs disappeared at the same time, leaving me with almost nothing to do … except prepare for the next version release on Friday.

Can’t wait; it’ll be a hoot.