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Prettiest Google Reader (and read it later) I've found: Feedly. So easy to browse! #android → June 22, 2011

Figured out why I never answer my phone: #Android allows different volume for ringtone, notifications & media, and ringtone was set looooow. → March 22, 2011

Hmm, and I thought that "install to phone" from the #Android Marketplace (on PC) was a GOOD thing … → March 9, 2011

I really do #LoveLastPass … just bought the premium sub so I could try out the #Android app. → February 26, 2011

Love #android, love #foss: I'm (finally) running GAOSP nightly build of #froyo (2.2) and it's goooood. → October 7, 2010

RT @glynmoody: Tor on Android – it's coming #tor #android … and the way UK (& Oz) net policy is going, none too soon! → March 5, 2010

dl'ng recovery image and #galaxyhero ROM to get senseUI-like GUI on #samsung #i7500. Screw it, I don't have a warranty to void #yam #android → November 6, 2009

Started a tiny #Android app. Got it to login to the backend, whee! Next action: retrieve and cache data. → October 10, 2009