K100 “Kafe Tourer”

Ah, Motorcycles, how I love thee. I’ve got a few ideas about my motorbike restoration job…

Motorcycle restoration/custom build: ’90 BMW K100, “café tourer”

Next Actions

  • update the project page
  • oil change
  • clean
  • plan


Rolling gear


  • hand-stitched seat
  • matching hard panniers
  • chromed rear rack
  • maybe a little hipster pipe-wrap


  • Orientation/lean/acceleration sensor(s)
    • e.g. https://littlebirdelectronics.com.au/collections/new/products/pololu-um7-lt-orientation-sensor
  • twin (3d) fisheye cameras
  • audio pickup (under seat)
  • GPS
  • telemetry: gears, speedometer, odometer, tachometer
  • brake and throttle sensors
  • “traffic cam”
  • HUD in fairing:
    • satnav, speedo, gear indicator, tacho
  • keyless start
  • biometrics: HR, breathing, temperature, etc.

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