1992 BMW K100LT “yellow beast”

In 2016, I bought a bike for a little camping tour down south — just me, a swag, some supplies and the open road. It was fun, once I stopped focusing on the destination instead of the journey, and I’d like to do it again. Only … I haven’t gone for a ride since.

There’s a few little things I’d like to do to the yellow beast to make it more likely I’ll go again:

  • Cosmetic:
    • Give everything a good clean – bodywork and engine
    • Rubber stopper for side stand
  • Fairing and bodywork:
    • Decals
    • Replace any missing panels
    • Fix the seat
    • Make sure mirrors are attached properly
  • Panniers:
    • Give them a spray?
    • Organise better
  • Electricals:
    • Charger for GPS and phone
    • Traffic/crash cam
    • HUD
    • Telemetrics recording
  • Mechanical:
    • …?
    • (This is last in the list because I have no idea what I’m doing)

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