In GTD, there is a category of tasks and projects that you’re not even sure you’d like to progress — thoughts you can’t let go, but haven’t dedicated the time to actually unpacking or contemplating any further than “what if …?”. We call this “Someday, Maybe”.

Here I’m being a bit more committed than that, and just gathering a list of things I’d like to try:

  • Building our dream home
  • Having some fun hobbies
  • Travelling the world
  • Living in an awesome Paris apartment
  • Opening a bar
    • a microbrewery/boutique beer bar
      • Hopped / Hop’d
      • Ferment / Ferment’d
      • Brew (coffee too) / Brewd / Brew’d
      • The Local Drugstore
  • Flying
    • as a first-class passenger
    • as the pilot
  • Writing a novel (nanowrimo)
  • Recording a YouTube channel
  • Attending a (mud and camping) music festival

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