Weekend bugout

This is the bag I will have packed, ready for us to go away for an impromptu weekend at an AirBNB, hotel or caravan park. I’m still thinking this through …  Support/tech Chargers Bottle opener/waiter’s friend Entertainment Cards Travel games …? Essentials #1 Water Food Shelter Fire Comms Survival #1 Medkit Navigation/orienteering Tools/Equipment Light Survival #2 (Role-specific) Electronics Hygiene Clothing Money

What Future Do You Want?

“Face the facts. Then act on them. It’s the only mantra I know, the only doctrine I have to offer you, and it’s harder than you’d think, because I swear humans seem hardwired to do anything but. Face the facts. Don’t pray, don’t wish, don’t buy into centuries-old dogma and dead rhetoric. Don’t give in to your conditioning or your visions or your fucked-up sense of… whatever. FACE THE FACTS. THEN act.” – Quellcrist Falconer, Takashi Kovacs Novels by Richard K. Morgan If your life can be anything you want it to be, but what is it now and what will it be? Now? Who are you, anyway? I’m a futurist, father, scientist, skeptic, biohacker & software developer; I’m health-conscious, intelligent and sensitive; […]

What should I consume?

The hyper-diet! eat natural, unprocessed food, grown in our own gardens and on nearby farms organic vegetables home grown herbs “raw” foods nuts, seeds and grains drink home-brewed beer imported whiskey local wines

What should I wear?

good quality clothes, natural fibres, comfortable and stylish shirts good, simple leather shoes (Camper) and barefeet decent jeans (Nudie) Google Glass or other AR glasses

Where should we live?

It’s decided: we’re going to build an eco farm-stay (and remote business called “Hack Street”) on the Otway Coast, along the Great Ocean Road in southern Victoria. Places we’ve lived, and loved: on the outskirts of Melbourne? Inner-west Sydney? Ideas for another lifetime: in the Southern Highlands of NSW? Orange? Mansfield? a holiday house in Noosa? an apartment in Paris? a manor-house in the south of France? on Mars?

Writing ideas

writing ideas articles short stories Reality as AI simulator Reality as compassionate creche human augmentation (series?) “A Change Of Heart” “Social” Data/Processing Everything is a computer Consciousness “The Planet And The Starship” Comics/Graphic Novels “A Clockwork Matrix” “Daily Borg”/”the lab Drone” Meatcache “What Is God Anyway?” World Creation “Aeire” (series) ARK (book) Other Life Non Fiction Google App Engine Amazon EC2 for Dummies comics Gen x this is gen y novels nanowrimo Boom A wiki for nanoprep — time to be a planner, not a pantser. Ideas Brainstorm: – Augmented reality – effect on society, people? – What does a product/platform like Palantir look like in 20 years? 50? – globalisation and global warming, hand in hand? – law enforcement […]