Table-top war games

War games are a good way to develop strategic thinking, something which I need some practise at (I believe). I’ve tried a few computer war simulations (both RTS and TBS) and would like to play more; there are also “table-top” war games played with little plastic models called “minatures”, or cards and maps (e.g. Risk).


The Hebrew Bible (also Hebrew Scriptures, Latin Biblia Hebraica) is a term used by biblical scholars to refer to the Jewish Bible (Hebrew: תנ”ך Tanakh). It takes its name from the fact that the Jewish Bible is composed mostly in Biblical Hebrew, with a few passages in Biblical Aramaic (about half of the Book of Daniel, some parts of the Book of Ezra and a few other passages).

The motorcycle pack

Motorcycle Escape first-aid essentials/motorcycle kit Ibuprofen (pain and fever reducer, anti-inflammatory) Antihistamine (Telfast 180mg) (allergies, sleep aid) Pseudoephedrine (nasal decongestant, helps with “ear pop” from planes) Safety pins (quick fix for clothing, making an arm sling, emergency cloth) Bandana (sling for arm, dust mask, Antiseptic towelettes (cleaning hands and wounds) Electrolyte packets (for replacing electrolyte loss due to vomiting or diarrhoea) Tweezers (removing ticks, thorns, cactus, sea urchins, etc) Band-aids (minor cuts and scrapes) Gauze roll (minor cuts and scrapes) Antibiotic ointment (minor cuts and scrapes) Thermometer (is that really a fever, how high) Latex gloves (protect yourself first) 4 x 4 gauze pads (minor cuts and scrapes) Hand sanitizer (dirty hands mean infected cuts) survival essentials kit Multi-tool (Macgyver always […]

Things I like doing

(See also: Five Lists) motorcycles hobbies camping cycling rock-climbing coding meditation martial arts reading writing ideas playing music

Things I’d like to buy

The Personal Shopping List NOTE: There is almost no reason for me to buy any of the items below, if I’m honest. In a lot of ways, this is just a place for me to dump “wishes” for further sorting or contemplation, and to remind myself of the dangers of consumerism and crass materialism. That said, knowing my desires — including desires for “stuff” — can help me to focus on the things that actually matter. And as it turns out I’ve somehow acquired some of these already! Computers Macbook Pro ($3499) – NOTE: I keep getting these from work, so technically I could cross this one out. iMac High-resolution displays (3x) Henge Dock ($260) Gaming/sim machine ($4000) Build with Dee […]

Things I’d like to try

In GTD, there is a category of tasks and projects that you’re not even sure you’d like to progress — thoughts you can’t let go, but haven’t dedicated the time to actually unpacking or contemplating any further than “what if …?”. We call this “Someday, Maybe”. Here I’m being a bit more committed than that, and just gathering a list of things I’d like to try: Building our dream home Having some fun hobbies Travelling the world Living in an awesome Paris apartment Opening a bar a microbrewery/boutique beer bar Hopped / Hop’d Ferment / Ferment’d Brew (coffee too) / Brewd / Brew’d The Local Drugstore Flying as a first-class passenger as the pilot Writing a novel (nanowrimo) Recording a YouTube channel […]

Thirteen impossible things

Run a marathon (43km!) Sydney Half in 2017 Sydney Marathon in 2014 2016 2018 Be a polyglot Languages Read and speak French (with some level of fluency) 2018 Write Quenya (for kicks) 2018 Arabic learn the Arabic alphabet/script (Memrise) some basic words and phrases (memorise) Sanskrit Write Devanagari 2018 Some basic words and phrases 2018 Read and speak basic Italian Read and speak basic Deutsch Read and speak basic Russian Read and speak some Mandarin Chinese (Pǔtōnghuà) Practise and techniques memrise.com (site + mobile app) Anki (flashcards) DuoLingo (app) French listening CDs When running? “Fluent In Three Months” (book) http://ift.tt/1f5HzyM Daily practise — but when?  Lunch time, maybe Run an Ironman $682 registration fee (+$150 for travel to volunteer — to […]

Tony Stark

Admirable characteristics highly capable engineer fast and lean hedonist/connoisseur independently wealthy Capabilities a gymnast’s flexibility street-fighter archery How to emulate live lean & clean (Jamie Duigan) go running when in Sydney Running apps C25K Zombies, Run! cycle to work when running late find a driving course and book it have more sex!! do morning stretches (before the shower) do cat vomit exercises (before bed/sex) order some more contact lenses Paid for by BUPA book an appointment with the doctors to get the plantar wart removed from my foot make an effort to buy new, trendy clothes buy some man products (facial cleanser, anti-ageing) find a place that does bow shooting and do a day out

Tools and techniques

Tools “Tools” are artifacts that are wielded by humans for a particular purpose (human augmentation). Tools can be categorised in a multitude of ways — complexity, function, body-integration — and their use augments us, creating new or enhanced capabilities. Tool-use is the biggest differential between humans and other species, although some other apes show rudimentary tool-use. Humans show high-cerebration; we can use software (virtual) tools just as easily as real, “physical” ones, and such software tools (at their best) have the effect of amplifying our intellect. My tool-suite is: Reference/Memory – This website (was Evernote) Todo/Memory – Todoist (was Doit.im) Read Later – Pocket Calendar/Temporality – Google Calendar (was Sunrise) Writing – Scrivener Tracking financials – Moneywell (Deprecated) Workflowy Techniques “Techniques” are forms of human […]


“Transhumanism” is the intellectual movement and/or philosophy that believes in human augmentation as a means of “improving the human condition” i.e. eliminating suffering, extending life (and ultimately curing death) and providing humans with integrated tools and techniques (such as improved or entirely new sensory apparatus, communications and socialisation enhancements, and intelligence amplification). Transhumanists believe that we can — and ultimately must — engineer ourselves into a new species that is better suited for the environments and cultures we have created for ourselves. A transhumanist may believe in “cyborgification” (i.e. replacing biological organs with manufactured analogues), an artificial intelligence explosion (the singularity), the creation of hybrid, integrated human-machines intelligences (which I call an “exocortex”) and mind digitisation, upload and emulation. (Of course, there is undoubtably huge […]