Eco Farm-Stay

Photo by Emiel Molenaar on Unsplash A cute little B & B in the country somewhere, with facilities for perhaps 5 rooms (maximum). Possibly little detached cottages (like in SA), or converted house-stables, or… Integrate with the local community! If there’s a sweet-shop, put a bag of their sweets in the “welcome basket”… Services bike hire (with helmets) picnic hampers washing “taxi” to local attractions, booking champagne bucket on arrival (with strawberries) Facilities “Free” with room booking: DVDs/movies board games wifi books advice about the local area (including maps) Extra beds (trundle) and cots Breakfast Served in a breakfast room. (Breakfast only — no lunch or dinner.) Ideas for breakfast: Scrambled eggs Mexican, etc. Pancakes with fruit or bacon Fried, poached or boiled […]


The everyday carry are those items you (almost) always have with you — keys, wallet, phone — and anything you cart from, say, home to office during the week, such as pens, a laptop, notebook, etc. When people try to design their EDC, it is usually with a view to minimizing “stuff” while maximizing utility or preparing for possible emergency situations. In my case, I’m trying stop myself from carting every damn thing I think I may need. Essentials Minimalist wallet with bank cards, ID and access cards, and multitool Orbitkey keyring Car keys Oneplus Five I don’t always wear a watch, but I do like them for some reason. The Pack: Macpac UTSIFOY Laptop (one of the Macbooks that work keeps […]


Epistemology (from Greek ἐπιστήμη (epistēmē), meaning “knowledge, science”, and λόγος (logos), meaning “the study of”) is the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope (limitations) of knowledge itself: • what is knowledge? • how is it acquired? • how do we know it? This philosophy deals with knowledge, truth, belief and doubt.