Accept your birth-right, Kal’El.

I’m a hacker and scientist on a mission: to change my body composition from > 30% body-fat to a lean, mean living machine. My genetics seem favourable: I put on fat quickly, but I put on muscle relatively easily too — so I just need to form habits and patterns that will support the latter rather than the former.

That, and to achieve immortality.

I have a strong desire to not die and therefore wish to reach my best: the peak potential that my corporeal state can achieve, starting from here and working for the rest of my (hopefully extended) life.

And, as is the case with a lot of my goals, it feels like one of my primary drivers is “because it’s hard”. In short, I want to perfect the temple through exercise and diet just to prove (to myself, or others?) that I can. I want to be hyperfit.

I mean more than just regular healthy-levels — the kind of fitness that marathon runners have, or professional sports-people, or the kinds of people that cycle across Africa. Like, scary fit.

Why become hyperfit? (Bruce Lee says train for a reason. So what is your reason?)
  • I can play with Jules now and see him grow to adulthood
  • To live long enough to achieve LEV (immortality)
  • I can enjoy doing the things I like doing
  • To enjoying trying all the things I’d like to try
  • I have to consider my brain my biggest asset — it pays the bills — and a healthy body supports a healthy mind. There is no point practising relaxation and single-pointed focus if my body won’t support it, so now is the time.
  • For the pure addictive challenge of self-improvement and biohacking


  • IRL:
    • Tim Ferriss: for experiments in biohacking; how much control do we really have?
    • Bruce Lee: for an incredible physique built by applied science.
    • R. Buckminster Fuller: for showing the value of unconventional thinking
  • Archetypes:
    • Tony Stark: Techno-maker genius with a superhero physique
    • Sherlock Holmes: A gentleman and a scholar. Logic personified.
    • Jedi Master Yoda: Martial and spiritual excellence.


Okay, so I have my motivation down — how am I going to achieve it? Well, after a few years of experiments (see below), I’m currently settled on the following:


Taking a scientific approach to modern life seems rational: the world is changing far too quickly for “old rules” to apply without discrimination, and discriminative consideration requires logic and intellect. There are quite a number of different “life experiments” I can (and have) run on myself. I marked with a checkmark those things I’ve tried and am keeping.
  • Hackers’ Diet experiments
    • more
      • organic food
      • protein (4HB)
      • water
      • green tea
    • less
      • artificial sweetners
      • less dairy
    • zero
      • zero sugar
      • zero alcohol
      • zero softdrink
      • zero caffeine
      • zero fruit or juice
      • zero starch
        • potatoes
        • pasta
        • rice
      • zero gluten

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