Bug Out

A bug-out bag is a bag that contains food, tools, and other things for use in a disaster or other type of emergency.  Often times when a disaster occurs, the infrastructure that we normally take for granted becomes bogged down or completely unavailable.  Electricity may be out for days or even weeks, the supermarkets we buy our food and water from may be low or out of stock, hospitals may be extremely over capacity, and even the roads we use everyday may be closed. — from ultimatebugoutbaglist I’m not at all convinced that there will be an infrastructure-destroying calamity anytime soon, but I do like the idea of a grab-bag (or three) for a weekend away — whether at a […]


Ah, camping: relaxing under Australia’s enormous sky, with nothing to do and no place to be! We haven’t been for a long time, and have never taken Jules, so this year and early next year we’ll have to pack our bug out bags and just go for it. What kinds of camping would we like to try? motorcycles car-camping (see below) trekking glamping CAMP (Car-Assisted Migration Protocol) So, my idea is that we should have the car basically ready to go – roof rack on, medkit in the glove box, emergency “grab bag” ready and waiting if not already in the car – and that when we’re going camping (and/or escaping the chaos of a doomsday situation) we can (reasonably) quickly […]


The everyday carry are those items you (almost) always have with you — keys, wallet, phone — and anything you cart from, say, home to office during the week, such as pens, a laptop, notebook, etc. When people try to design their EDC, it is usually with a view to minimizing “stuff” while maximizing utility or preparing for possible emergency situations. In my case, I’m trying stop myself from carting every damn thing I think I may need. Essentials Minimalist wallet with bank cards, ID and access cards, and multitool Orbitkey keyring Car keys Oneplus Five I don’t always wear a watch, but I do like them for some reason. The Pack: Macpac UTSIFOY Laptop (one of the Macbooks that work keeps […]

Get Back Home Bag

The “Get Back Home (GBH) Bag” is the one full of the things you might need if, say, you were stranded somewhere and had to walk back to base – or, in my case, out of the city office and back home. I’d like to keep some really basic “urban survival” gear in my daily commuter bag, and I’ve just had a Crumpler Local Identity backpack repaired (for free under Crumpler’s lifetime warranty) so it seems like a good one to design around. Following the category system I’m going to add to the Bug Out page, my GBH bag has (or will have): Essentials #1 water – metal water bottle food – high-calorie trail mix shelter – NA heat – fire-lighter comms – ? Survival […]

Jason Bourne

Another of my archetypes, albeit one that is not as fully fleshed-out as (say) R. Buckminster Fuller. Characteristics Action-oriented Pragmatist Survivor Capabilities Driving First-aid Survival techniques Milestones Complete a driving course do a stunt driving day Complete a first-aid course Complete a P90X programme Complete a firearm handling course Strategy Research driving courses in Sydney

The motorcycle pack

Motorcycle Escape first-aid essentials/motorcycle kit Ibuprofen (pain and fever reducer, anti-inflammatory) Antihistamine (Telfast 180mg) (allergies, sleep aid) Pseudoephedrine (nasal decongestant, helps with “ear pop” from planes) Safety pins (quick fix for clothing, making an arm sling, emergency cloth) Bandana (sling for arm, dust mask, Antiseptic towelettes (cleaning hands and wounds) Electrolyte packets (for replacing electrolyte loss due to vomiting or diarrhoea) Tweezers (removing ticks, thorns, cactus, sea urchins, etc) Band-aids (minor cuts and scrapes) Gauze roll (minor cuts and scrapes) Antibiotic ointment (minor cuts and scrapes) Thermometer (is that really a fever, how high) Latex gloves (protect yourself first) 4 x 4 gauze pads (minor cuts and scrapes) Hand sanitizer (dirty hands mean infected cuts) survival essentials kit Multi-tool (Macgyver always […]

Weekend bugout

This is the bag I will have packed, ready for us to go away for an impromptu weekend at an AirBNB, hotel or caravan park. I’m still thinking this through …  Support/tech Chargers Bottle opener/waiter’s friend Entertainment Cards Travel games …? Essentials #1 Water Food Shelter Fire Comms Survival #1 Medkit Navigation/orienteering Tools/Equipment Light Survival #2 (Role-specific) Electronics Hygiene Clothing Money