Project Build Logs

Step Two: Plan (and learn!)

After convincing my son to let me destroy upgrade his toy robot, I was quick to order a bunch of Arduino-related gear online. A month later and “Bingo” is still sitting in pieces, but when the parts started arriving last weekend I was able to make a minor breakthrough: I installed the Arduino software, connected one of her legs to a DC motor driver and made her twitch forwards and backwards with a little sketch! Small steps, literally, but I was pretty excited to see it working. (I also soldered an 8×8 LED matrix with a MAX7219 controller and, like, three other components … and it actually worked! I’m in need of a lot of soldering practice, so this was a big deal […]

Step one: disassemble

This weekend I finally convinced Jules that we should take his robot apart. Admittedly, he might have been less enthusiastic if Agent Bingo didn’t already need surgery — one of the DC motors in her legs had stopped working, so the poor thing could only walk around in circles. “Don’t worry,” I promised, “We can fix this.” If only she knew that my idea of “fix” was a brain transplant… With the shell open, and Jules starting to get bored, I sketched out what I thought was our best option: resolder her leg motor (!!) take everything out of her cybernetic skull: controller board, “eyes”, IR sensor. leave her body mechanics alone (it’s a hard plastic gearbox surrounding a single DC […]