Lease signed, we’re moving to Sydney

Did I mention we got the house in Annandale?

Yesterday I met Kate, one of the owners, and signed a 12-month lease on 301 Nelson Street, Annandale. It’s expensive, but not that much more than we’re currently paying in Belconnen, and we get all the benefits of living close to the city — it’s a 20-minute bike ride! — and a lovely little community. Wide, tree-lined streets; a park just behind us; a child-care and supermarket opening up just down the road; bike paths, off-leash parks, Rozelle Bay. Everyone I’ve spoken to has said how nice an area Annandale is — I can’t wait to move in. Kate said that it wasn’t uncommon to see neighbourhood kids playing together, running in and out of each others’ houses. And that never happens in Sydney!

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Christmas break 2012 — too much to do

It feels like a long week, and a short one simultaneously. We’re planning to have a proper holiday in 2013, perhaps over to Perth to explore Margaret River, but in the meantime I feel like 2012 has just been go, Diego, go!

Even this “break”: we left Canberra last Saturday (was it really only a week ago?), after dropping off Lucy to the kennels, driving down to Beechworth for a couple of nights in the Indigo Cottage there. It was nice: a beautiful old house, with air-conditioning to hold back the heatwave and broadband so we could do a bunch of system updates. Jules crawled around exploring, we went for walks, Dee put together a great little grazing platter … just relaxing, unwinding as best we could in a short time.

We had things to unwind from, too…

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