Another drizzly day

It’s another grey and rainy monandaeg in Melbourne, Australia, which is perfect weather for writing in a blog or two. Unfortunately, I’m at work, so my writings today are on borrowed time (whilst compiling, for example, or sitting in another boring meeting). I’ve been thinking for a little while about what I actually believe in – philosophically, theosophically and spiritually I guess. What I see as core truth in all spiritual teaching. It’s hardly surprising that there really isn’t all that much: 1. There is an unknowable first cause, called the Father or Monad or Tai-ji. The first cause is not sentient in anyway that we can relate to. It is the process, the evolution, the unfolding. 2. From the first cause, there […]

Dee is considering selling her car

Dee is considering selling her car – it’s an almost-new Toyota Celica ZR, black, with all the bells and whistles. As such, we’ve got a fairly large car loan currently hanging over our heads, and I think it has been stressing her out somewhat. Naturally. Anyway, now she’s talking about selling the car, paying off the loan and getting something cheaper but still fun, such as this 1966 MGB. Now, I’m all for this: I’ve wanted an MG for a long time now (an Austin Healey, actually, but they’re so close it doesn’t matter).  One of the “bosses” of an old workplace once ridiculed me for wanting a convertible as a first car.  “You’ve got to be practical,” he said.  […]

Television has let me down once more

It’s Sunday night and I’m watching the Big Brother eviction – pathetic, yes? I’m not sure how it is in other countries, but in Australia the magic of “Reality TV” has well and truly worn off. We’ve seen about 5 series of Big Brother, Australian Idol, Popstars (the Australian Idol copycat – or is it the other way around?), not to mention at least 3 different “home renovation” shows (like “The Block”). Frankly, Australia is over it. There’s a morning show here, quite popular I think, that tried a Reality TV-like segment … it lasted a day before a negative audience response told them that it wasn’t the right thing to do. A day! If I could watch just one […]

I have a coffee table!

I have a coffee table! This is a small, but significant, achievement – ever since I moved out of my parent’s house to go to Uni, it seems like I’ve been living a temporary life …. actually, that’s more than just a little dramatic; it’s more like long-term student-living, using whatever hand-me-downs and left-over housey stuff (including crockery, cutlery and furniture) happened to be available. And that’s fine, whilst you’re a student. Nobody wants to pay for a couch that one of your friends – or indeed yourself – will disgrace him- or herself on, after all. (Trust me, it has happened. Damn you, “Clint’s friend”, wherever you may be. We (Dee and I) used to live in a warehouse […]

Friday, lovely Friday

Got through another week, and very happy to have done so. It’s been quite hectic this week, with a software release today (which we postponed thanks to network issues – the other company in our building does web-streaming every Friday, it seems, and we share the Internet connection). Moreover, the release was/is to be on the new deployment platform, and that’s a whole different can of worms (remember the good ol’ days, when worms came in old fashioned paper bags, not cans?), with the biggest worm being “trial” licenses. Anyone out there know a software house that keeps up with all the licenses they’re meant to? C’mon, be honest. It doesn’t matter now, I got all my work for the […]

An annoyingly long day

I’m in IT — in fact, I’m a computer programming (of all things). Today I got to work after a glorious long weekend (spent camping on the coast: drinking, reading, smoking, eating, talking and playing cards … in short, bliss) to find that not only did nothing work, everyone thought it was my fault. Okay, I’m dramatising. In actual fact it was one of my team members insinuating that I had “dropped the ball” on this one. First, I turned up at 15 minutes after 9 (that’s late in her books, since she arrives at a ridiculous 7:30 am); then the bug I’ve been looking at for the last forever days isn’t fixed, and has been found by our client-tester (bad me). […]

The Chronofiles

“Most children like to collect things. At four I started to collect documents of my own development as correlated with world patterns of developing technology. Beginning in 1917, I determined to employ my already rich case history, as objectively as possible, in documenting the life of a suburban New Englander, born in the Gay Nineties (1895)– the year automobiles were introduced, the wireless telegraph and the automatic screw machine were invented, and X-rays were discovered; having his boyhood in the turn of the century; and maturing during humanity’s epochal graduation from the inert, materialistic 19th into the dynamic 20th century. I named my documentation the Chronofile.” — R. Buckminster Fuller,